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What past clients have to say about the changes their nutrition coach helped them make!

"Giving support, encouragement, menus, letting me see where my strengths and weaknesses were and how to improve or change them. I really came out of this with a better outlook on me."  Elizabeth

"Provide spacific suggestions with recipes that were outside my usual repertoire. Helped me with exploring that which was holding me back. Gave me permission to honor myself and to see the things in my life I desire."  Sharon

"Thank you for helping me to learn new recipes and helping come up with substitutions. Thank you for being so nice when I was grouchy."  Madeleine

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My journey​

I was having pain in my left shoulder, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and under appreciated. I started my journey by enrolling into IIN where I  realized I needed to appreciate myself. So I scheduled yoga into my very busy schedule and made it a priority. I wake up earlier three days a week for yoga and two days a week for meditation because I realized I needed it for my sanity. I found a holistic doctor who found my adrenals where not balanced and I began herbal supplements. After two months I began to feel more energy, the yoga eliminated my shoulder pain and the meditation cleared my head on my home environment. Over a year later, with the guidance of my IIN coach, I am feeling healthier then I have ever felt, happy, alive and energetic. I am truly enjoying the little moments in life. This is what health coaching can do for you.  My journey is still evolving but the skills I learned will be with me for rest of my life. My health journey to happiness was worth every bit the struggle in finding my self and truly appreciating my own self worth. I would love to guide you through this wonderful transformation.  We all deserve  a happy, healthy life.  Terra

What is Nutrition Health Coaching?

A Nutrition Health Coach guides you through the difficult struggles of loosing (or gaining) weight by looking at your primary and secondary foods. We look at your busy life and help guide you in finding balance in family, work, health and exercise by reducing your stress and increasing happiness. We look deeper into your habits, energy, digestion, food allergies, stress, physical pain, emotional pain and help you find the key elements to meeting and managing your goals for your own personal success. We will be there for you to help encourage and support you as you make these  gradual transitions. Each new transition will begin a new habit which will change your life. We guarantee if you follow through with what your coach recommends  you will feel better then you do right now. Are you worth it? Absolutely!

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